A BPA Free Juicer: Does Quality Make a Difference?

Anyone who has used a juicer appliance to get fresh juice out of fruits and vegetables knows that these types of kitchen implements are not all made in the same ways.

A quality build is important for a juicer, blender, mixer or other type of food processing “power tool” – in building appliances that accomplish cutting, mashing or processing foods and extracting liquids, those who design these products need to really drill down into the best ideas for putting together a machine that will stand the test of time, with key features for safety and convenience. That has led some to explore the making of a BPA free juicer that won’t leach chemicals into juices.

One of the issues with juicers and similar kitchen appliances is the use of bisphenol A or BPA. This type of chemical, which is used in plastics and different kinds of industrial and manufacturing materials, has gotten a lot more attention in recent years, as watchdog groups look at safety around BPA in consumer goods. Media reports have also focused on the risks and “best practices” around products that include various levels of BPA.

What is BPA?

BPA is a chemical that is included in polycarbonate plastic products like water bottles. It can also be found in some types of “epoxy” adhesives for different kinds of food containers and other soft goods like housewares. BPA can make its way into food or water through containers or other kinds of contact.

Although the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has indicated that low levels of BPA are considered relatively safe, some safety agencies are recommending using less canned foods, and avoiding high heat for BPA products, for example, leaving some plastics out of the microwave or dishwasher. Public education literature sometimes mentions these tips, where companies want to protect consumers or limit liability.

A BPA Free Juicer

When looking for quality kitchen products, shoppers can consider a BPA free juicer with superior plastic molded parts and other high-quality design for both safety and effective use. As with other types of kitchen appliances, doing a little more research and inspecting products standards carefully can help families to end up with better, safer tools in their kitchens, resources that will provide long term use and appealing end products.

The Fusion Juicer is a quality juicer appliance made with a durable plastic structure, surgical quality stainless steel and careful attention to superior engineering. Convenience features like an extra-large chute, non-drip spout and extra large round feeder help to accommodate more raw materials and distribute them within the juicing hopper. A whisper-quiet induction motor adds power to this capable juicer. The Fusion Juicer comes in three attractive colors, and makers are offering a payment plan of six payments at $19.99 per payment. Right now, those who order this competitive model can get free shipping for a juicer appliance that will stand the test of time and deliver high quality results.

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